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John Souter, 2014–2015 Taunt Fellow, 2015–2016 Windgate Fellow
long-term resident 2014–2016

John SouterJohn Souter’s work has a broad reach, in terms of color, form and subject matter. Among his catalysts as a maker of objects, he lists: the quietness of inner reflection, everyday existence, grandiose splendor, color theory and gangster culture. And his tools for exploring these themes are compression, ambiguity, contemplation and clay. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, John joined the Bray as the 2014 Taunt Fellow with the goal of exploring the potential for his work to expand into a larger scale.

John received his BFA in crafts from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. He has been an artist-in-residence at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center and Anderson Ranch Arts Center and was the recipient of a Windgate Foundation Fellowship Grant in 2012. He also worked at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. The objects he creates have been placed in private collections across the U.S. and have also been published in American Craft, Ceramic Review and Ceramics Monthly.  

“Art making, in my own manner, has become a tangible and personally embedded visual response to my perceptions of the world. In these manifestations, emotional value is gathered from memory and represented through pigmentation and depth. It is in contrast and question that evokes my curiosity and excitement of the unknown. I am enticed in capturing the essence of varying subject matter through compression, ambiguity and contemplation.”—Souter

To see more work by John visit his website at

John Souter
Hang Tough, 2015
clay, glaze, enamel, fabric, plastic, ink
9" x 11" x 11”
photo by Ken Yanoviak

John Souter
Green (Tug Series), 2015
yarn, glitter, acrylic, pencil, string, pompom on vinyl
28" x 22"
photo by Ken Yanoviak

John Souter
Green (Sludge Series), 2015
clay, glaze, enamel, steel, plastic, auto paint
5" x 18" x 15"

photo by Ken Yanoviak

John Souter
Hang, 2015
fabric, marker, string, pencil on paper, aluminum frame
36" x 22"

photo by Ken Yanoviak

John Souter
Two-Step, 2015
clay, glaze, enamel, ink, yarn, plastic, wood, steel
11" x 23" x 16"

photo by Ken Yanoviak

John Souter
Two-Step (detail), 2015
clay, glaze, enamel, ink, yarn, plastic, wood, steel
11" x 23" x 16"
photo by Ken Yanoviak