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Nicholas Bivins, 2010 Matsutani Fellow
resident 2010–2012

Nicholas Bivins grew up in the Northern California Bay Area. He received his MFA from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in 2009 and a BFA and BA from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Nicholas was an artist in residence at the Red Lodge Clay Center and most recently the recipient of the 2010-2011 Matsutani Fellowship at the Archie Bray Foundation.

Nicholas makes highly functional, uniquely handmade for use.. The reductive minimal aesthetic found in his work is abstracted from his appreciation for all things precisely done with style. The ceramic pieces are high-fire slip cast porcelain with glaze and decals; the trays the pots rest upon are CNC-milled MDF, with automotive paint.

“I make utilitarian pottery using a precise, clean, and efficient geometric language as I maintain an obsessive interest in looking for a personal definition of perfectly handmade. It is this fascination that propels me to practice my craft every day while continually searching for a satisfying balance of how much evidence of hand I put in, and how much hand I take out.”

To see more of Nicholas' artwork visit

Twelve, 2011
porcelain, decals, MDF, automotive paint
70" x 28" x 10"

Saturday Morning, 2011
porcelain, decals, MDF, automotive paint
11" x 15" x 18"

Liquor Cups (4), 2011
porcelain, decals, MDF, automotive paint
11 " x 16" x 16"

Home + To Go, 2011
porcelain, decals, MDF, automotive paint
11 " x 16" x 16"

Steins (4)
, 2011
porcelain, decals, MDF, automotive paint
11 " x 16" x 16"