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The Bray’s fellowship program was started in 1999 by a generous donation made by Robert and Suzanne Taunt. Robert Taunt’s idea was to “provide much-needed financial support to an individual of exceptional talent and potential, it also would encourage the spirit of fellowship in its most generous sense among the resident community.”

The Bray has had the honor and privilege to award the following fellowships—Taunt, Myhre, Lincoln, Lilian, Matsutani, MJD, Speyer, Windgate, Lillstreet Art Center, Anonymous, Etchart-Satre fellowships—made possible by Robert and Suzanne Taunt, Eric Myhre, Joan and David Lincoln, Osamu and Grace Matsutani, Mary Jane Davidson, Tim Speyer, the Windgate Charitable Foundation, Lillstreet Art Center, Paulette Etchart and Jon Satre and anonymous donors.

The Archie Bray Foundation was the first artist residency program in the United States devoted solely to ceramics. For over sixty years the Bray has brought together artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches to the medium, creating an environment conducive to artistic exchange and individual expression.

Each fellowship awards $5,000 and a one-year residency at the Foundation to artists of exceptional accomplishment and promise. Beneficiaries are expected to embrace the Bray experience of community and exchange, and have the opportunity to focus their attention towards producing and exhibiting a significant body of work.

Click on the years below to view images and information about artists.

Marc Digeros, Taunt Fellow
Sharon Brush, Myhre Fellow

Eric Eley, Taunt Fellow
John Byrd, Myhre Fellow

Jiman Choi, Taunt Fellow
John Utgaard, Lilian Fellow

Jason Walker, Taunt Fellow
Sandra Trujillo, Lilian Fellow
Kristine Veith, Great Northern Public Art Fellow

Jeremy Kane, Taunt Fellow
Karen Swyler, Lilian Fellow

Trey Hill, Taunt Fellow
Miranda Howe, Lilian Fellow
Kowkie Durst, Lincoln Fellow

Koi Neng Liew, Taunt Fellow
Deborah Schwartzkopf, Lilian Fellow
Melissa Mencini, Lincoln Fellow

Jennifer Allen, Taunt Fellow
Christina West, Lilian Fellow
Joseph Pintz, Lincoln Fellow

Jeremy Hatch, Taunt Fellow
Brian Rochefort, Lilian Fellow
Renee Audette, Lincoln Fellow
Anne Drew Potter, Matsutani Fellow

Kevin Snipes, Taunt Fellow
Donna Flanery, Lilian Fellow
Birdie Boone, Lincoln Fellow
David Peters, Matsutani Fellow
Nathan Craven, MJD Fellow

Martha Grover, Taunt Fellow
Sean Erwin, Lilian Fellow
Gwendolyn Yoppolo, Lincoln Fellow
Kelly Garrett Rathbone, Matsutani Fellow
Kensuke Yamada, MJD Fellow

Jana Evans, Taunt Fellow
Mathew McConnell, Lilian Fellow
Courtney Murphy, Lincoln Fellow
Nicholas Bivins, Matsutani Fellow
Aaron Benson, MJD Fellow

Lindsay Pichaske, Taunt Fellow
Jonathan Read, Lilian Fellow
Kenyon Hansen, Lincoln Fellow
Sean O'Connell, Matsutani Fellow
Andrew Casto, MJD Fellow
Jeff Campana, Anonymous Fellow
Alanna DeRocchi, Speyer Fellow

Mel Griffin, Taunt Fellow
Giselle Hicks, Lilian Fellow
Sunshine Cobb, Lincoln Fellow
Peter Christian Johnson, Matsutani Fellow
Chris Pickett, MJD Fellow
Andrew Gilliatt, Speyer Fellow
Jeff Campana, Windgate Fellow
Alanna DeRocchi, Windgate Fellow
Sean O'Connell, Windgate Fellow
Jonathan Read, Windgate Fellow

Zemer Peled, Taunt Fellow
Sunshine Cobb, Lilian Fellow
Tom Jaszczak, Lincolns Fellow
Joanna Powell, Matsutani Fellow
Chris Dufala, MJD Fellow
Adam Field, Speyer Fellow
Mel Griffin, Windgate Fellow
Giselle Hicks, Windgate Fellow
Chris Pickett, Windgate Fellow
Andrew Gilliatt, Windgate Fellow

John Souter, Taunt Fellow
Adam Field, Lilian Fellow
Bill Wilkey, Lincoln Fellow
Kyungmin Park, Masutani Fellow
Brooks Oliver, MJD Fellow
Heesoo Lee, Speyer Fellow
Zemer Peled, WindgateFellow
Joanna Powell, Windgate Fellow
Tom Jaszczak, Lillstreet Art Center Fellow
Chris Dufala, Anonymous Fellow

Hannah Lee Cameron, Taunt Fellow
Heesoo Lee, Lilian Fellow
Michelle Summers, Joan Lincoln Fellow
Lauren Gallaspy, Matsutani Fellow
Perry Haas, MJD Fellow
Chris Riccardo, Speyer Fellow
Brooks Oliver, Windgate Fellow
Kyungmin Park, Windgate Fellow
John Souter, Windgate Fellow
Bill Wilkey, Lillstreet Art Center Fellow

Myungjin Kim, Taunt Fellow
Perry Haas, Lilian Fellow
Nicholas Danielson, Joan Lincoln Fellow
Ling Chun, Matsutani Fellow
En Iwamura, MJD Fellow
Noah Riedel, Speyer Fellow
Hannah Lee Cameron, Windgate Fellow
Chris Riccardo, Windgate Fellow
Michelle Summers, Lillstreet Art Center Fellow
Lauren Gallaspy, Satre-Etchart Fellow