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Past Scholarship Recipients

The Bray’s Scholarship Program supports short-term summer residents while working at the Bray.

The Bill and Stirling Sage Scholarship Fund was established by Evelyn Sage in honor of her late husband Bill and their son Stirling. The Bill and Stirling Sage Summer Scholarship awards an annual $800 scholarship to a promising young artist between the ages of 18 and 35.

The Eric Myhre Scholarship was established in 2002 by Tootie Myhre in honor of her late husband. The award provides a $750 scholarship to a summer resident artist of any age who demonstrates exceptional merit and promise.

Beginning in 2012, the Windgate Charitable Foundation sponsors eight $700 scholarships for summer residents.

The Lillstreet Scholarship was donated by Lillstreet Art Center and awarded $800 to two summer residents in 2013.

To apply for a scholarship check the appropriate box on your Residency Application form and include a letter of intent stating you artistic goals and interest in the Bray. The awards are given to short-term summer residents and are determined by a residency selection committee.

Emily Schroeder, Sage Scholarship

Edith Garcia, Sage Scholarship

Allison McGowan, Sage Scholarship
Susan Beiner, NCECA Scholarship
Susannah Israel, NCECA Scholarship

Anna Stoysich, Sage Scholarship

Chelsea Hunt, Sage Scholarship
Satoru Hoshino, Myhre Scholarship

Gerit Grimm, 2005 Sage Scholarship
Gwen Heeney, 2005 Myhre Scholarship

Jennifer Holt, Sage Scholarship
Susanne Petzold, Myhre Scholarship

Claudia Fitch, Sage Scholarship
Mathew McConnell, Myhre Scholarship

Martha Grover, Sage Scholarship
Gwendolyn Yoppolo, Myhre Scholarship

Alessandro Gallo, Sage Scholarship
Adam Shiverdecker, Myhre Scholarship

Mel Griffin, Sage Scholarship
Jonathan Read, Myhre Scholarship

Andrew Gilliatt, Sage Scholarship
Myungjin Kim, Myhre Scholarship

Lauren Mabry, Sage Scholarship
Paolo Porelli, Myhre Scholarship
Kurt Anderson, Windgate Scholarship
Craig Clifford, Windgate Scholarship
Steven Colby, Windgate Scholarship
Jess Riva Cooper, Windgate Scholarship
Maggie Finlayson, Windgate Scholarship
Tom Jaszczak, Windgate Scholarship
Debbie Kupinsky, Windgate Scholarship
Chris Riccardo, Windgate Scholarship
Amanda Salov, Windgate Scholarship

Linda Lopez, Sage Scholarship
Clara Hoag, Myhre Scholarship
Jeremy Briddell, Windgate Scholarship
Ben Carter, Windgate Scholarship
Mike Gesiakowski, Windgate Scholarship
Youngmi Lee, Windgate Scholarship
Elsa Sahal, Windgate Scholarship
Mallory Wetherell, Windgate Scholarship
John Zimmerman, Windgate Scholarship
Peter Fulop, Windgate Scholarship
Adam Field, Lillstreet Scholarship
Heesoo Lee, Lillstreet Scholarship

Fang-Yi Chu, Myhre Scholar
Jessica Brandl, Windgate Scholar
Katriona Drijber, Windgate Scholar
Maggie Finlayson, Windgate Scholar
Lauren Gallaspy, Windgate Scholar
Kyungmin Park, Windgate Scholar
Jocelyn Reid, Windgate Scholar
Hide Sadohara, Windgate Scholar
Anthony Sonnenberg, Windgate Scholar
Kwok-Pong Tso, Windgate Scholar

Mayu Ueda, Sage Scholar
Kelly O’Briant, Myhre Scholar
Crista Ann Ames, Windgate Scholar
Christina Erives, Windgate Scholar
Lauren Gallaspy, Windgate Scholar
Kyle Johns, Windgate Scholar
Bonilyn Parker, Windgate Scholar
Kate Roberts, Windgate Scholar
Kevin Snipes, Windgate Scholar
Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso, Windgate Scholar


Shiyuan Xu, Sage Scholar
Iva Milovanovic, Myhre Scholar
Eliza Au, Windgate Scholar
Lily Fein, Windgate Scholar
Claire Hedden, Windgate Scholar
Qwist Joseph, Windgate Scholar
Yoonjee Kwak, Windgate Scholar
Richard Nickel, Windgate Scholar
Melanie Sherman, Windgate Scholar
Albion Stafford, Windgate Scholar
Carly Slade, Windgate Scholar