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Adult Community Ceramic Classes

2018 Schedule

Winter: January 8–March 25
*Registration begins December 6, 2017

Spring: April 2–June 17
*Registration begins February 21

Summer 7-Week Session:
Aug 12–Sept 30
*Registration begins June 27

Fall: October 1–December 16
(no class week of November 19–25)
*Registration begins August 23

Sorry, no early registration


Materials and firing are not included in the class tuition unless otherwise stated. See additional expenses below

10-week sessions:

Special topics and events:
Lengths and tuition costs varies; lab fees may apply.

15% off second class. Applies only to 5- to 10-week classes within the same session. To receive discount, apply coupon code "ARCHIE" to second class when registering.


Click here to register online or call Lindsey at 406/443-3502 ext. 11
Sorry, no early registration

Cancellation Policy:
If a student is unable to attend the class, a refund, less an administrative fee of $15, or a full credit in the form of a gift certificate for a future class is only available if requested no later than a week before class begins.

To obtain a refund or a credit, call the Education Manager, Lindsey Carroll at 406/443-3205 x11. Our office manager will issue a check and mail it. Clay and tools are not refundable once opened or used.

Immerse yourself into the world of ceramics. Join a Bray Community Class to refine your skills or build new ones.

Classes are offered seasonally four times a year and are available and designed for everyone from beginners to experienced artists. We teach traditional wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques while encouraging students to discover their own artistic voice with clay. Classes are taught by our resident artists who are engaged and knowledgeable about ceramics.

Unless otherwise stated, class sessions meet one night a week for three hours. Classes vary in length from one session to up to ten weeks.

The Community Class studio is equipped with electric wheels, a kick wheel, slab roller, spray booth and extruder.

All work is fired by the Education staff to cone 6, unless otherwise stated. Firing options often include oxidation, reduction and soda. Click here for more information about studio access.


Upcoming Special Events:
Register Online Call 406/443-3502 ex. 11 for questions.

Ceramic Jewelry with Michelle Summers

Michelle Summers Jewelry

Three Weeks: May 25–June 8
Friday evenings from 7 pm–9:30 pm
$160 per pair or $95 per person

Learn how to make beautiful, wearable works of art with past resident artist Michelle Summers. This 3-week class will teach you how to mold and carve porcelain to create ceramic pendants and earrings. Demonstrations will include molding, carving, inlaying and assembling jewelry. Students will be able to make several ceramic components to make into jewelry. No previous clay experience is necessary.

All materials and tools will be provided to complete one finished necklace and one pair of earrings per student. Additional metal components, ie chains and earring backings, can be bought at cost during class.

Studio access beyond class time is limited to the small classroom and does not include a locker or a standard shelf. Enrollment is limited.


Spring Ceramics Classes
10-Week Session: April 3–June 10, 2018
Registration begins 9 am Wedensday, February 21
Register Online Call 406/443-3502 ex. 11 for questions.

Beginning Ceramics: handbuilding and throwing

April 3–June 5, 2018

Tuesday evenings from 6:30–9:30 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Nicholas Danielson

April 8–June 10, 2018
Sunday evenings from 6:30–9:30 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Kyle Johns

Beginning Ceramics is an introductory course designed to give students a hands-on educational and artistic experience using clay. This class is designed for novice students or individuals seeking to revisit the basics. You will learn a variety of techniques including handbuilding and wheel throwing. You will also be introduced to various decorating, glazing and firing techniques.

New student? Click here to learn more about classes at the Bray. Students will need to buy clay, basic clay tools and pay to fire work. Students are encouraged to bring a water bucket that will hold 1 quart–1 gallon, a towel and wear clothing that can get dirty. Clay and tools may be purchased at time of registration to be available at the first class or at the Archie Bray Clay Business individually or in a Beginner’s Kit. Recommended clay: A-Clay (light) or Wally’s (dark).


Intermediate Ceramics: emphasis on handbuilding

Cocktail cups

April 3–June 5, 2018
Tuesday mornings from 10 am–1 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Christina Erives

Intermediate Ceramics is intended for students who are ready to expand upon the basic skills and ideas gained in Beginning Ceramics, First Time Potters or an equivalent introductory course. This course has an emphasis on handbuilding techniques. Projects will involve pinch methods, coil building and slab construction. The resident instructor will present a demonstration during each class.

Students will need basic clay tools and clay. Recommended clay: A-Clay, Wally’s or preferred cone 6 clay. Clay may be purchased at time of registration to be available at the first class or at the Archie Bray Clay Business.


Intermediate & Advanced Ceramics

April 4–June 6, 2018
Wednesday evenings from 6:30–9:30 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Kyle Johns

Intermediate & Advanced Ceramics is intended for students who are ready to expand upon the basic skills and ideas gained in Beginning Ceramics, First Time Potters or an equivalent introductory course. While students will be able to refine their throwing and handbuilding skills, this class will have a special focus on surface and advanced finishing techniques. During each class, the resident instructor will present a demonstration on an advanced surface treatment, technique or glaze application.

Students will need a cone 6 clay of their choice and basic clay tools.


Special Topics

Clay as Canvas: drawing and printing on clay

April 5–June 7, 2018
Thursday evenings from 6:30–9:30 pm
Taught by past Bray resident artist Kelsey Duncan
$190 (price includes $10 lab fee)
Full--Register for Wait-list here

This is a ten-week intermediate handbuilding class with an emphasis on surface. Students will explore the exciting spectrum of the sculptural clay surface with clay and glaze. Demonstrations will include silkscreen image transfers, underglaze image transfers, slip trail decoration, textile pattern transfer and more! Duncan will discuss how to communicate emotion, humor, irony and empathy through color, line and form. The class will be use a mid-range glaze palette, but many of these techniques would be successful at any temperature. The instructor will work with each student to problem solve their ideas and offer finishing options to achieve harmony between form and surface.

Students will need a cone 6 clay of their choice, basic clay tools and a sketchbook.


Lollipop: making eye-candy ceramic sculpture

Ling Chun

Five Weeks: April 28–June 2, 2018 (no class on May 12)
Saturday afternoons from 1 pm–4 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Ling Chun
$100 (price includes $10 lab fee)

This 5-week intermediate sculpture class will focus on the use of pigmented ceramic stains (Mason Stain), underglaze and luster to create colorful, eye-popping sculpture. Demonstrations will include how to properly color clay, slip and glaze to incorporate a full color spectrum into your work and expand the available materials for surface exploration on clay. Students are encouraged to integrate kitchen tools into their exploration to make a most edible sculpture!

Students will need a cone 6 clay of their choice and basic clay tools.


Kiln Building 101: Cross-Draft Soda

Five Weeks: April 14–May 19, 2018 (no class on May 12)

Saturday mornings from 10 am–1 pm
Taught by Bray resident artist Bill Wilkey
$180 (price includes $30 lab fee)

Bill Wilkey Kiln

In this 5-week kiln building class, students will have the opportunity to build a cross-draft soda kiln onsite at the Bray alongside past resident artist Bill Wilkey. In addition to kiln construction, class time will include lectures by Wilkey regarding topics such as fundamentals of kiln design and construction, logistical considerations when building your own kiln and choosing a kiln type. A variety of kiln types will be examined including, but not limited to, wood, soda, salt, electric and reduction.

This class is designed to prepare students to build their own kilns. Students will learn basic and advanced construction techniques, burner design, configuring kiln volume and much more.

Lab fee covers safety equipment including a respirator, a pair of safety glasses and a pair of work gloves. Students should wear work boots and clothes that can get dirty. This class does not include studio access but the option is available at registration. Every student that participates in building the kiln will be invited to participate in its first firing which will be scheduled once the kiln is complete.


**Studio access additional option for Kiln Building 101 students only
April 14–June 9

This option is only for students in the Kiln Building 101 class that are interested in participating in the first firing of the new cross draft soda kiln, but who might not have access to a studio in which to make work. This option does not include instruction but is independent access to the Education Facility outside of class. The fee includes shelf space and a locker. Regular bisque and glaze firings are available for an extra fee. Click here for more studio information.

The first firing of the cross draft soda will be scheduled once the kiln is complete.


Click Here for Children and Young Adult Classes


Education Facility Studio Hours and Policies

The Education Facility is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Three studios make up the Education studios, one small and two large. Classes that offer use of studio outside of class allows students to use any of these studios when not in use by another class or a special events. The Bray periodically hosts special events that might occur in the studio, causing it to be closed to students for short periods of time. It may also be closed in preparation for and during workshops.

Depending on the class, there are shelves and lockers for students to share. Only students enrolled in a class can use the studio.

Please don’t bring children to the studio. We offer children’s classes for their enjoyment.
Click here for a schedule of upcoming children’s classes. Animals are not allowed in the studio. Dog are not allowed in any Bray facility but may be outside on the grounds if on a leash and picked up after.No smoking in any building on the Bray grounds. If you smoke outside, please throw your cigarette butts in the receptacles outside.



Additional Expenses

Materials and firing fees are not covered by the class tuition.

The basic firing fee is $20 per 12” x 24” kiln shelf. This fee covers the cost of the glaze materials, bisque and glaze firings.
Beginners on average fire 1-2 shelves while intermediate/advanced students often fire up to 5 or 6. Firing fees are the student's responsibility to track for the duration of the class and will be tallied toward the end of class. Once tallied, you may pay firing fees here.

Clay prices begin a $20 per 50 lbs. and go up. The price depends on the type of clay. Most beginners use 25-50 lbs in their first class. Locker space is available for studentss to store their tools and clay.

The Archie Bray Clay Business carries a full line of clay, ceramic supplies, equipment, tools and books for beginners to an expert level. Clay Business hours are Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm, and Saturday 9 am–1 pm. Clay, toolkits and firing fees are available for purchase at the time of registration. Materials purchased at time of registration will be available at the first class. After the first class, students are expected to purchase needed materials from the Clay Business.

Click here for more information about the Clay Business.