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Past Workshops
Kristen Morgin Workshop
A Day with
Kristen Morgin
May 6

Objective Clay Workshop
A Weekend with
Objective Clay Artists
May 20–21

Connelly and Meadows Workshop
Fundamental Questions
of Utilitarian Pots with Michael Connelly and Alleghany Meadows
June 12–23

Molly Hatch Workshop
Pattern and Design in Clay with Molly Hatch
July 5–7
Arthur Gonzalez Workshop
Naturalism and the Figure in the 21st Century with Arthur Gonzalez
August 6–12
Kathy King Workshop
Storytelling with Clay
with Kathy King

September 5–8

Kathy Butterly Workshop
An Adventure in Color
with Kathy Butterly

July 2–4

Laurel True Workshop
Community Mosaic
Mural Making
with Laurel True

July 18–22

Cristina Cordova Workshop
The Printed
Figure with Cristina Córdova

August 1–5
Matt Wedel Workshop
Invent, Engineer and Make Believe: Large-scale Applications in Ceramics with Matt Wedel

September 5–9

Josh DeWeese Workshop
A Day with
Josh DeWeese

April 2
Sue Tirrell Workshop
A Day with
Sue Tirrell

May 21
Steven Young Lee
A Day with
Steven Young Lee

October 15

Mark Hewitt workshop
Sweetening the Pot

Instructor: Mark Hewitt
January 17
Heesoo Lee Workshop
A Painterly Approach

Instructor: Heesoo Lee
April 18–19
Jennifer Allen & Shoji Satake Workshop
Tea for Two:
East Meets West

Instructors: Jennifer Allen & Shoji Satake
May 29–31
Julia Galloway & Beth Lo Workshop
Céram-age à Trois: Pottery, Sculpture and Decoration

Instructors: Julia Galloway with guest Beth Lo
June 8–19
Peter Beasecker Workshop
Pots: A Studied Approach

Instructor: Peter Beasecker
July 13–17
Sandy Simon and Robert Brady Workshop
A Short Path to the
High Road

Instructors: Sandy Simon &
Robert Brady
August 19–23
Joe Bova Workshop
Cups, Mugs, Goblets
and Rhytons

Instructor: Joe Bova
September 9–12
Sarah Jaeger Workshop
Making Pots—Start to Finish

Instructor: Sarah Jaeger
October 10
Kristen Kieffer
Altered and Ornamented

Instructor: Kristen Kieffer
May 23–25
Ayumi Horie and Andy Brayman
This is a Stick up!
Decal Making from Start to Finish

Instructors: Ayumi Horie & Andy Brayman
June 9–20
Kurt Weiser
China Paint From and Illusion

Instructor: Kurt Weiser
July 14–18
Chris Gustin
Talking Through the Vessel

Instructor: Chris Gustin
August 11–15
Lisa Clague
Go Figure: Mixing it up with Metal and Clay

Instructor: Lisa Clague
September 4–7
Chuck Aydlett
Imagery, Imagination

Instructor: Chuck Aydlett
October 10
Robert Briscoe
Pots: Passion and Profession

Instructor: Robert Briscoe
November 8–9
Linda Arbuckle Workshop
Investigating Surface
with Majolica

Instructor: Linda Arbuckle
May 17–19
Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama workshop
An Invitation to
Slow Down

Instructors: Matt Kelleher & Shoko Teruyama
June 10–14
Chris Staley and Nancy Blum workshop
Opposites Attract

Instructors: Chris Staley & Nancy Blum
July 8–19
Tony Marsh workshop
A Ceramic Record:
Models, Molds, Casting

Instructor: Tony Marsh
August 16–18
Wanxin Zhang workshop
Figurative Sculpture with Slab Construction

Instructor: Wanxin Zhang
September 20–22
Walter Keeler
Throwing, Altering, Assembling for Use
and Innovation

Instructor: Walter Keeler
March 16–17
Nicolas Bivins
Become a
Master of Plaster

Instructor: Nicholas Bivins
June 1–3
Metz and Quackenbush
Mash and Mingle: Exploring the Decorative Impulse

Instructors: Matt Metz &
Liz Quackenbush
June 11–22
Long and Schwieger
New Forms to Finish:
Soda Firing

Instructors: Matt Long &
Brad Schwieger
July 9–13
Christa Assad
Cut and Construct

Instructor: Christa Assad
August 24–26
Christina West
The Psychologically Charged Figure

Instructor: Christina West
September 21–23
Andrea Gill
Pottery as Site:
the Decorated Object

Instructor: Andrea Gill
October 19–20
adams and adler
Into the Fire

Instructors: Dean Adams and Ted Adler
July 18–22, 2011
Silk screen Transfers on Clay Surfaces

Instructor: Richard Shaw
August 13–14, 2011
Colorful Chemistry–
Developing Cone 6 Glazes for Oxidation and Soda-fire

Instructor: Julia Gallowy
September 15–18, 2011
The Body as Landscape for Truth-telling: Narrative Human and Animal Imagery in Ceramic Sculpture

Instructor: Adrian Arleo
October 21–23, 2011

Why Ceramics Matter: Critical Writing on Ceramics

Instructor: Paul Mathieu
February 20-21, 2010
Kevin Snipes workshop

The Decorated Cup

Instructor: Kevin Snipes
March 13–14, 2010
Fish workshop
Tightening Lines: From the Studio to the River

Instructors: Tyler Lotz, Jason Walker & George Hrycun
May 24–27, 2010
Martin and Pharis workshop
From Flat to Fat: Function, Context and Process

Instructors: Andrew Martin & Mark Pharis
June 7–18, 2010
Jeff Oestreich Workshop
Wheel Update

Instructor: Jeff Oestreich
July 8–11, 2010
Bruce Cochrane workshop
Lidded Form and Surface Techniques

Instructor: Bruce Cochrane
August 12–15, 2010
Grimm and Antemann workshop
Porcelain, Myth and the Figurine

Instructors: Chris Antemann & Gerit Grimm
September 23–26, 2010

The Danger in Playing with Animals

Instructor: Bernadette Curran
October 15–17, 2010
Instructor: Sarah Jaeger
March 28-29, 2009

Connecting to Place: Exploring Local
Ceramic Materials

Instructors: David Peters & Tim Stepp
May 29-31, 2009
Sculpting Gesture: Animal and Human

Instructors: Beth Cavener Stichter & Tip Toland
June 15-26, 2009
Process & Design: Hand Building Slab Pots

Instructor: Sam Chung
August 7-9, 2009
More is More: An Over-the-Top
Approach to Majolica

Instructor: Rosalie Wynkoop
September 25-27, 2009
Embracing Doubt

Instructor: Wayne Higby
October 10-11, 2009


Soda Kiln Design and Construction

Instructor: Donovan Palmquist
May 19-23, 2008

Beyond Brown: Glazing for the Wood Kiln

Instructor: Josh DeWeese
July 9-13, 2008

Surface Enrichment and Working in Earthenware

Instructor: Ron Meyers
August 22-24, 2008

Human Nature

Instructor: Patti Warashina
September 6-7, 2008