Aida Lizalde

Aida Lizalde

Award(s): 2024 David L. Hunter
Residency Years: 2024
Posted in: Current Artist, Current Short Term Resident, Past Artist, Past Short Term Resident


Aida Lizalde
2024 David L. Hunter Scholar
Mexico City, Mexico

Aida Lizalde builds installations integrating ceramic vessels, found materials, and biomatter. They investigate the origins of objects as initial extensions of the human body, serving functions such as containment, shelter, filtration, etc. —functions traditionally fulfilled by the body itself.

Their work aims to establish connections between opposing things like natural and unnatural elements, ancient and futuristic objects, and the biological and artificial, through hybrid speculative forms that serve as external body surrogates or extensions of the body, proposing systems of flow, drip, filtration, stagnation, bacterial growth, and decomposition as moments of metabolization outside the body.

Lizalde, originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, immigrated to the Central Valley of California with their family at fifteen. Lizalde holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from University of California, Davis, and an MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.