Long-term Resident Candice Methe in Studio with art work

Candice Methe

Award(s): Lillstreet Art Center Fellow, Quigley-Hiltner Fellow
Residency Years: 2017, 2020, 2021, 2022
Posted in: Past Artist, Past Long Term Resident, Past Short Term Resident


The foundation of Candice Methe’s work is the presence of the hand. When coiling and pinching the clay she leaves marks as she builds the forms, which act as a record of intention. Working in this way makes the process slow and allows her to spend time considering how the anatomy of the vessel comes to life through line, form, and surface. With every piece, she strives for subtle, soft surfaces and the deliberate execution of shapes that move between discreet profiles and dramatic contours.

Candice Methe is a ceramic artist and educator from Falmouth, Massachusetts, who has been working in clay for over twenty years. For the first ten years of her career she was self-taught before receiving her BFA from Northern Arizona University, 2011 and her MFA from the University of Minnesota, 2015. She has completed short-term residencies at Red Lodge Clay Center, Archie Bray Foundation and Santa Fe Clay. In 2016 she received the Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award through Northern Clay Center, to travel to Ghana, West Africa to study the indigenous clay architecture and learn the traditional ways of working with clay.