Colin Chudyk

Award(s): 2023 AMACO Brent Artist in Residence
Residency Years: 2023
Posted in: Current Artist, Current Short Term Resident


Colin Chudyk creates ceramic bodies that serve as habitat for nonhuman species (insects, birds, fungi, plants). Billions of beings live on and inside us – in the microbiome. We are indivisible from these inhabitants, and from the toxic environments we together occupy. My work collapses biological and terrestrial into a single landscape of toxicity, expressed as swollen skin, oozing lesions, bursting tailing ponds, or dribbling feedlots. These landscape-bodies record the grotesque beauty of ecological collapse.

Colin Chudyk is a Montreal-based artist and architect. His work explores extraction, toxicity, and bodily landscapes through the language of industrial structures and expressions of the grotesque. Colin has a Master of Architecture from Yale University. In a past career he worked in the mineral exploration industry, searching for gold and other minerals. Clay, a mined substance, is his new medium.