Dante Gambardella

Dante Gambardella

Award(s): 2024 Quigley-Hiltner Fellow
Residency Years: 2024
Posted in: Current Artist, Current Long Term Resident, Past Artist, Past Long Term Resident


Dante Gambardella
2024 Quigley-Hiltner Fellow
Bozeman, Montana

Dante Gambardella finds great value in learning from the traditions of different cultures, an interest that has led him to study ceramics in Brazil, Italy, and Japan. To him the world of clay is about engaging with his community, contributing to a network of shared knowledge, and challenging himself as an artist.

Gambardella grew up in the Bay Area and found ceramics when he moved to Bozeman, MT. While studying at Montana State University he became very interested in wood firing and using local materials — techniques ceramicists have been using for thousands of years.