Jared Tso

Jared Tso

Residency Years: 2023
Posted in: Past Artist, Past Visiting Artist


Jared Tso started his journey with clay. Possessing a natural curiosity sparked by vessels made by his late grandmother Faye Tso. It was not until later, while pursuing an electrical engineering degree, that those childhood memories started to play a larger role in a growing practice of ceramics.

After a few years of working as an Engineer, and juggling the occasional art exhibition, Jared made the decision to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico. Since its completion in Fall 2021, Jared has pursued art full-time and has since continued a trend of awards at SWAIA’s Santa Fe Indian Market.

More recently Jared has received encouragement and recognition of the innovation that accompanies his vessels. There is a rooted intention with each vessel to not only provide clear context in traditional Navajo Pottery but to also include further examples that contribute to the definition of Navajo pottery.

Traditional in technique and process, there is an ever-growing desire to encourage further exploration of the timelessness of Navajo pots. Both with form and the strong and present function of classic Navajo pottery, Jared hopes to make vessels that have a clear visual path of continuity within this ever-growing multigenerational portfolio of work.