Summer Resident Katie Bosley in Studio with art work

Katie Bosley

Clear Water, Florida
Award(s): Windgate Scholar
Residency Years: 2021
Posted in: Past Artist, Past Short Term Resident


Katie crafts porcelain vessels that combine dynamic forms and dimensional surfaces to create a captivating presence. Formal components such as line, space, and color are carefully considered to create objects that are striking at first glance and reward further inspection. Constructed with an emphasis on symmetry and structure, the works challenge conventional interpretations of the vessel and promote a sense of awe.

Katie Bosley Sabin is originally from Clearwater, Florida and is currently the Artist in Residence at Mudflat Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and her BFA from the University of Florida. Katie has been a Summer Resident at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT and a Fogelberg Resident at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN.