Long-term Resident Kristy Moreno in Studio with art work

Kristy Moreno

Award(s): AMACO Brent Scholar, Taunt Fellow, Etchart-Satre Fellow
Residency Years: 2021, 2022, 2023
Posted in: Past Artist, Past Long Term Resident, Past Short Term Resident


Kristy Moreno’s current body of work examines the systems and bonds between social, political, and personal narratives. These narratives intersect to embody forms of relativity, healing and resilience. By producing these physically paused moments, she introduces a space for reflection which investigates the journey of a personal point of view, individual habits and character.

Kristy Moreno was born in the city of Inglewood, California and often found herself creating doodles of her favorite cartoons. Moving to Orange County inspired her to become involved in the art communities of Santa Ana leading her to collaborate with group collectives including We Are Rodents and Konsept. She then attended Santa Ana College where she found an interest in ceramics that lead her to transfer to California State University, Chico to pursue a BFA degree. Her work now spans across mediums from ceramics, illustrations and printmaking to bring awareness and visibility to an abundant future where mutual aid is possible.