Maxwell Henderson

Award(s): 2023 Quigley-Hiltner Scholar
Residency Years: 2023
Posted in: Current Artist, Current Short Term Resident


Maxwell Henderson explores his biracial identity and challenges material hierarchies in Western art by using ceramics, drawing inspiration from his upbringing and experiences with poverty. He takes influence from Kutani porcelain and the fluidity of Icelandic rivers to create unconventional elongated tiles that embody the balance between chaos and calm, inviting viewers to experience meditative activation. His vessels, which deliberately defy utility, pay homage to pottery while symbolizing his desire to challenge and transcend conventions. Rooted in the concept of “qualia,” his art aims to foster self-discovery and appreciation for the complex human experience.

Maxwell Henderson received his MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his BFA from Arizona State University. Maxwell also studied as a Special Student at Penn State and has participated in several artist residencies, including the La Serra Collective in Denver, CO.